Tiger Stripes Inc. was founded by Chris Kilpatrick.   Chris has over 35 years of experience working with exotic animals of all kinds such as, tigers, elephants, bears, wolves, chimps, etc.  He has an amazing ability to communicate with these animals to form special bonds.

      Working with such magnificent animals over the years, Chris wanted to create an atmosphere for these animals where people can see for themselves what fascinating creatures they really are.  Chris has a special bond with each and every animal at the facility.  The animals respond to him by sounding out their own greeting calls and loving on him like he is one of their own. 

    Chris takes pride, along with his staff at Tiger Stripes, in providing the utmost care for these extraordinary animals.  These are incredible, loving, and graceful animals that will receive the care and love they deserve throughout the rest of their lives. We can also house and care for any new animals in the future that may need a place to call home (with the help of funding to build the proper exhibit for the incoming animal(s).    We are to the public every 3rd Saturday of the month, unless otherwise posted. 

 We are still in need of your help with supplies listed on our "Home Page".  Also, to maintain our facility and care for our animals, we rely on the kindness and generosity of individuals like yourself to keep the animals healthy and well fed. You can help by donating on our "Donate Page".    

    If you would like to help care for these magnificent animals, please donate today!  Tiger Stripes needs steady monthly donations to maintain and feed the animals.  Every little bit helps, whether it's $5.00 a month or even $1.00, please help support these animals.  Thank you. 


Please visit our “Donate” page to make your contribution.


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